To complement the Universal CPD offered by NCLE, The Trent and Tame Language Hub will also offer bespoke teach meets, webinars and face-to-face sessions focusing on local needs.

In the first instance, our CPD offer will focus on:


  • How can we develop spontaneous speech in the language classroom?
  • How much time do you afford this in your lesson planning?
  • What’s the balance between reading aloud, genuine listening & responding and preparation for speaking assessments?

Intrinsic Motivation

  • How can you support the learners in your classroom to see the progress they are making, developing their own self-efficacy?
  • How can you make the learners in your classroom genuinely excited about learning a new language?
  • How can you encourage independent exploration of language, supporting the learners in your classroom to find their why? What’s their hook?

Cultural Capital

  • To what extent do you explore the culture and the countries where the target language is spoken in your programme of study?
  • What experiences have you built into your wider curriculum offer which allow genuine opportunities to develop cultural capital?
  • What support is available to schools to develop your current provision?

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