The Trent and Tame Language Hub is a collaboration between the Language Departments at The Arthur Terry School in Sutton Coldfield and Painsley Catholic College in Staffordshire.

The Trent and Tame Language Hub team is made up of four experienced Language Teachers who have all held leadership positions in multiple schools in our region. Speaking French, Spanish and German, the team are excited to broaden the reach of the Language Hub.

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Tracy Williams

Hub Lead Arthur Terry

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Clare Oberman

Hub Lead  Painsley Catholic College

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Abby Gannon

Specialist Teacher – Arthur Terry

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Shelley Walklate

Specialist Teacher – Painsley Catholic College

The Language Hub team will also be supported by practising teachers working at Arthur Terry and at Painsley Catholic College.

Language Provision at the Hub Lead Schools

At Arthur Terry, students initially study either French or Spanish. Over 85% of the cohort continue learning their original language into Ks4. Numbers studying languages in KS5 are well above the national average. There are also opportunities for some students to learn the alternate language from year 8 with dual language pathways available for students in KS4 and KS5. Find out more…

At Painsley Catholic College, French, Spanish and German are on offer.  Each academic year, Year 7 students study either French, German or Spanish and they continue to study this language through Key Stage 3 into KS4 and KS5.  Opportunities to study an additional language at GCSE level ab-initio are available from Year 9 whilst students at KS3. Students also have the opportunity to experience a second language through clubs and extra-curricular activities.  Language uptake in KS4 is above 85%. Find out more… 

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