About TTLH

The Trent and Tame Language Hub serves schools in Birmingham, Stoke and Staffordshire. Our name derives from the two rivers that cross our geographical area. In the same way that the Trent and Tame rivers merge together, so do the vision and values of Language Teaching and Learning at the two co-lead schools, Arthur Terry School and Painsley Catholic College.

We are committed to improving the perception and performance of language learning across our region. Through support, training and systems leadership, we will promote quality learning of languages, including home, heritage and community languages.  Whilst our aims align with those of NCLE, we will also support schools in our area to explore and develop their language provision in three core areas.

Partner School and Affiliate Schools

Working closely alongside seven partner schools, ten primary feeder schools and a number of secondary affiliate schools, the hub will explore what works best in Language classrooms across the region, through the lens of quality, collaboration and sustainability.

Our Mission

We will bring about our vision for languages in the region by:

Exploring pedagogy

  • Learning languages is a lifelong skill and can broaden horizons and create opportunities. The best experiences of language learning happen when teaching is at its most effective. Through CPD and systems support we will explore effective pedagogy in language classrooms in order to create the best possible learning experiences for young people.

Focusing on engagement and motivation

  • We want all young people to have the best possible exposure to language learning experiences. Through our programmes and support in the region and our focus on exploring instrinsic motivation for language learning, we will ensure that young people, schools and institutions engage with language learning and development. We aim to support teachers and schools to view and present language learning as prestigious and exciting. 

Promoting Uptake

  • We believe that there is scope for language uptake at KS4 and KS5 to be much higher. We want to increase the number of students taking language GCSEs and A levels, as well as seeing more people undertaking formal qualifications in home, heritage and community languages. 

Improving Outcomes

  • Engagement with language study and supporting high-quality teaching and teacher development are important aims. Through our programmes and systems leadership, we will also strive to raise both the aspirations of language learners and the outcomes that they achieve in national examinations. 

Our Region

Whilst our work will focus on schools in Birmingham, Stoke and Staffordshire, schools outside this area will be able to work alongside their local language hub.

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